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Interactive Images

If it is your first time flying to and from Brisbane airport, or if you just want to see how the airport looks, look at the interactive images below. You can see many different areas within the domestic and international terminals such as the departure lounges and parking areas. All images offer a 360° view.

Departures Hall

An external view of the departures hall at the international terminal.

Below is the check-in area at the international terminal.

At the domestic terminal, the check-in looks like this. 

Departures Lounge

When you are waiting to board a plane from the international terminal, this is the area you will wait in.

For Virgin Australia flights departing from the domestic terminal, the lounge looks like this.

If you want to wait in a VIP Lounge, Virgin Australia Lounge in the domestic terminal looks like this.

Public Transport

The Airtrain is the most popular public transportation service to and from the airport. If you arrive or depart from the international terminal, this is what the platform looks like.

At the domestic terminal, the entrance to the Airtrain station is like this.


Are you collecting a passenger? If so, this is what the pickup area at the domestic terminal looks like.