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Brisbane Tourist Attractions

At Dreamworld and WhiteWater World the fun and thrill get double. Dreamworld with so many worlds in it, Dreamworld is also the home of “The Big 6 Thrill Rides” which includes the thrilling Mick Doohan Motocoaster. The Dreamworld offers the experience of Wiggle World, Nickelodeon Central, The Australian Wildlife, Tiger Island, The Big Brother the most controversial Reality Television Show of Australia and the FlowRider. One of the Nearby Attractions/Places to see near Brisbane Airport is the Dreamworld. It features entertainment for all age groups. All place to see all the favorite cartoons, the Nickelodeon Central and the Wiggles World are considered to be joyful places for young visitors. Those who desire to experience the sensation of Australian Wildlife should visit the Tiger Island.

For those looking for adventure, the Thunder River Rapids can be a place to enjoy the daring FlowRider. People can also go behind the scenes at Big Brother House to witness the various perceptions of the Australia’s most contentious reality Television Show.

Offering some of the Southern Hemisphere’s most pulse-raising tremendous rides, the “Big 6 Thrill Rides” is one the Nearby Attractions/Places to see near Brisbane Airport. Here the visitors can experience the Wipeout’s 360 terror twists and the Claw, a famous heart-pounding pendulum. The White Water World, the newest water park of Gold Coast offers the life time experience of family fun. The heart-pumping thrill is combined with family fun at the White Water World’s Aussie beach paradise. It gets even more exciting with Wiggle Bay, Nickelodeon's Pipeline Plunge and all four hottest waterslides that are boasted at White Water World. The brand new addition in the water rides, the Little Ripper is famous for its experience filled with thrill and fun.

Established in 1978 by the Brisbane City Council, The first Planetarium of Queensland is named after the New South Wales Governor from 1820s, Sir Thomas Brisbane. The first significant observatory of Australia was established by Sir Thomas Brisbane. The southern sky’s first widespread mapping is also the achievement of Sir Thomas Brisbane. The exhibits of various Asteroids fragments and models of spacecrafts are the attractions of this Planetarium. Moreover people can also enjoy the experience of observing the stars with the help of telescopes. For the sake of enhancing the knowledge, various shows based on different topics of astronomy are also arranged at the Planetarium.

Opened in 1992 for public, the oldest surviving prison of Queensland, The Boggo Road Gaol Museum is listed as a heritage site and considered to be one of the most remarkable cultural landmarks. The most famous attraction is the guided tour of the museum by Ex-prison staff. As people are encouraged to ask more and more questions, this tour provides the opportunity for people to learn more and more about the dark past of the prison. Moreover, people can also experience the life at the prison by availing the daring chance of sleepover at the prison.

With an extensive variety of both exotic and Australian animals including Camels, Baboons, Snakes, Tamarins, Sun Bears, Tahrs, Kangaroos and Wombats, the Brisbane’s Alma Park Zoo another attraction near Brisbane Airport.

Here people can feed squirrel monkeys, koalas and bears twice a day and learn more about these animals by having educational and informational conversations with the Zoo Staff. The zoo café is place where people can get delicious rolls, sandwiches, ice-creams, cakes, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

The South Bank’s inner city oasis offers the most excellent amusing and entertaining experience for young visitors. The Stunning Exhibitions at the Science and the Art Gallery of Queensland Museum prove to be inspiring for young mind’s imagination. The Illustration House Classes and Hands on Art workshops provide the opportunity to young hands to enhance their creativity.