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Thursday 30 June 2016
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Brisbane International Airport Terminal, Meet and Greet , on arrival call ariport depot for collection., Brisbane, No code, Brisbane (Australia)
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Brisbane Airport
Welcome to our unofficial airport guide where you will find everything you need for a stress free journey.

Brisbane Airport Departures

Brisbane airport serves as the major airport to the Queensland, the most populous area of the Australia. It is the third largest airport of Australia and it has been stuffed all sort of possible facilities for their customers. The airport reaches out to more than hundred international destinations and domestic flights. The passengers can choose airlines and destinations and the time of the year they want to fly at, the airport staff would build you up a perfect plan for your vacations. The airport is very particular about all the information they lend out to their customers therefore, it is unlikely that you will ever have to wait at the airport terminal for your flight that has been delayed and you didn’t know. The departure timings of every flight taking off from the platform minute to minute are provided by the administration of the airport for the convenience of the customers.

This information can be gained from online website of Brisbane airport where on the home page the tab for departures can easily be pointed out. Opening that tab you will find the airlines, flight numbers, destinations and the timings of those flights will be displayed for the rest of the day. To be very precise of every minutes update to avoid any last minute delay worries it will be wise to contact the front desk of the airport. The staff of the airport is very cooperative and guides their customers properly. Due to the courtesy of advanced technology the customers who have bought air ticket through Brisbane airport gets regular notifications about their flight timings that help save a lot of time that could have been wasted otherwise waiting on airport for a delayed flight. Worst case scenarios like missing out on your flight because you forgot about your flight timings can now be avoided.

Airliner Flight Destination Status Sched.
Virgin Australia VA 1497 Hamilton Island (HTI) En Route 12:10
Etihad Airways EY 6523 Hamilton Island (HTI) En Route 12:10
Air New Zealand NZ 7487 Hamilton Island (HTI) En Route 12:10
Singapore Airlines SQ 6484 Hamilton Island (HTI) En Route 12:10
Virgin Australia VA 466 Perth (PER) En Route 12:10
Etihad Airways EY 6416 Perth (PER) En Route 12:10
Air New Zealand NZ 7031 Perth (PER) En Route 12:10
Qantas QF 51 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
China Eastern Airlines MU 8442 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
Finnair AY 5008 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
Emirates EK 5051 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
JAL JL 7896 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
Bangkok Airways PG 4538 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
SriLankan Airlines UL 3381 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
Jet Airways (India) 9W 4051 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
British Airways BA 7407 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 12:15
Qantas QF 2396 Biloela (ZBL) En Route 12:20
Emirates EK 5725 Biloela (ZBL) En Route 12:20
Air New Zealand NZ 136 Auckland (AKL) En Route 12:20
Turkish Airlines TK 8730 Auckland (AKL) En Route 12:20
United Airlines UA 6784 Auckland (AKL) En Route 12:20
Virgin Australia VA 7436 Auckland (AKL) En Route 12:20
Air China CA 5104 Auckland (AKL) En Route 12:20
Etihad Airways EY 4406 Auckland (AKL) En Route 12:20
Singapore Airlines SQ 4202 Auckland (AKL) En Route 12:20
Qantas QF 525 Sydney (SYD) En Route 12:25
British Airways BA 7457 Sydney (SYD) En Route 12:25
China Southern Airlines CZ 7552 Sydney (SYD) En Route 12:25
Emirates EK 5525 Sydney (SYD) En Route 12:25
Qantas QF 2338 Gladstone (GLT) En Route 12:30
Emirates EK 5606 Gladstone (GLT) En Route 12:30
Tigerair Australia TT 486 Cairns (CNS) En Route 12:35
Qantas QF 667 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 12:40
Emirates EK 5667 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 12:40
Jetstar JQ 569 Melbourne (MEL) En Route 12:45
Virgin Australia VA 1243 Rockhampton (ROK) En Route 12:45
Etihad Airways EY 6551 Rockhampton (ROK) En Route 12:45
Air New Zealand NZ 7412 Rockhampton (ROK) En Route 12:45
Singapore Airlines SQ 6544 Rockhampton (ROK) En Route 12:45
Qantas QF 2462 Moranbah (MOV) Cancelled 12:50
Emirates EK 5870 Moranbah (MOV) Cancelled 12:50
Virgin Australia VA 328 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 12:55
Singapore Airlines SQ 6914 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 12:55
Etihad Airways EY 6527 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 12:55
Air New Zealand NZ 7571 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 12:55
Jetstar JQ 825 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 12:55
Virgin Australia VA 1701 Bundaberg (BDB) En Route 12:55
Etihad Airways EY 6424 Bundaberg (BDB) En Route 12:55
Air New Zealand NZ 7443 Bundaberg (BDB) En Route 12:55
Singapore Airlines SQ 6512 Bundaberg (BDB) En Route 12:55
Qantas QF 621 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 13:00
Emirates EK 5621 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 13:00
Virgin Australia VA 950 Sydney (SYD) En Route 13:00
Etihad Airways EY 6559 Sydney (SYD) En Route 13:00
Singapore Airlines SQ 6693 Sydney (SYD) En Route 13:00
Air New Zealand NZ 7582 Sydney (SYD) En Route 13:00
Jetstar JQ 930 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 13:05
Qantas QF 5930 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 13:05
Virgin Australia VA 1394 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 13:10
Etihad Airways EY 6637 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 13:10
Singapore Airlines SQ 6924 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 13:10
Delta Air Lines DL 7299 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 13:10
Air New Zealand NZ 7450 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 13:10
Virgin Australia VA 1667 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 13:15
Etihad Airways EY 6583 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 13:15
Singapore Airlines SQ 6518 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 13:15
Air New Zealand NZ 7241 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 13:15
Tigerair Australia TT 371 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 13:15
Qantas QF 2406 Emerald (EMD) Scheduled 13:20
Emirates EK 5749 Emerald (EMD) Scheduled 13:20
Qantas QF 529 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 13:25
British Airways BA 7459 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 13:25
Emirates EK 5529 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 13:25
Jetstar JQ 782 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 13:30
Virgin Australia VA 785 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 13:30
Etihad Airways EY 6520 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 13:30
Air New Zealand NZ 7501 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 13:30
Singapore Airlines SQ 6452 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 13:30
Virgin Australia VA 1117 Proserpine (PPP) Scheduled 13:40
Etihad Airways EY 6365 Proserpine (PPP) Scheduled 13:40
Singapore Airlines SQ 6506 Proserpine (PPP) Scheduled 13:40
Air New Zealand NZ 7565 Proserpine (PPP) Scheduled 13:40
Qantas QF 2322 Bundaberg (BDB) Scheduled 13:40
Emirates EK 5558 Bundaberg (BDB) Scheduled 13:40
Qantas QF 2366 Rockhampton (ROK) Scheduled 13:40
Emirates EK 5669 Rockhampton (ROK) Scheduled 13:40
Qantas QF 2425 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled 13:50
Emirates EK 5816 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled 13:50
Virgin Australia VA 332 Melbourne (MEL) Cancelled 13:55
Singapore Airlines SQ 6904 Melbourne (MEL) Cancelled 13:55
Etihad Airways EY 6529 Melbourne (MEL) Cancelled 13:55
Air New Zealand NZ 7530 Melbourne (MEL) Cancelled 13:55
Qantas QF 784 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 14:00
China Southern Airlines CZ 7580 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 14:00
Emirates EK 5784 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 14:00
Qantas QF 623 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 14:00
Emirates EK 5623 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 14:00
Virgin Australia VA 954 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Etihad Airways EY 6561 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Air New Zealand NZ 7337 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Singapore Airlines SQ 6415 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Thai Airways International TG 474 Bangkok (BKK) Scheduled 14:00
Austrian OS 8632 Bangkok (BKK) Scheduled 14:00
Turkish Airlines TK 8015 Bangkok (BKK) Scheduled 14:00
Lufthansa LH 9759 Bangkok (BKK) Scheduled 14:00
Qantas QF 974 Townsville (TSV) Scheduled 14:10
Emirates EK 5974 Townsville (TSV) Scheduled 14:10
Virgin Australia VA 375 Townsville (TSV) Scheduled 14:10
Etihad Airways EY 6590 Townsville (TSV) Scheduled 14:10
Air New Zealand NZ 7598 Townsville (TSV) Scheduled 14:10
Singapore Airlines SQ 6536 Townsville (TSV) Scheduled 14:10
Qantas QF 1549 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 14:10
Emirates EK 5957 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 14:10
Qantas QF 2466 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 14:15
Emirates EK 5875 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 14:15
Virgin Australia VA 1713 Gladstone (GLT) Scheduled 14:15
Etihad Airways EY 6674 Gladstone (GLT) Scheduled 14:15
Air New Zealand NZ 7521 Gladstone (GLT) Scheduled 14:15
Singapore Airlines SQ 6474 Gladstone (GLT) Scheduled 14:15
Qantas QF 2516 Mackay (MKY) Scheduled 14:25
Emirates EK 5946 Mackay (MKY) Scheduled 14:25
Qantas QF 533 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:25
British Airways BA 7460 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:25
Emirates EK 5533 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:25
Singapore Airlines SQ 236 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 14:30
Ethiopian Airlines ET 1310 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 14:30
Turkish Airlines TK 9331 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 14:30
Lufthansa LH 9773 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 14:30
Virgin Australia VA 5664 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 14:30
SWISS LX 4163 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 14:30
SAS SK 8008 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 14:30
Virgin Atlantic VS 7236 Singapore Changi (SIN) Scheduled 14:30
Qantas QF 1712 Gladstone (GLT) Scheduled 14:45
Emirates EK 5305 Gladstone (GLT) Scheduled 14:45
Virgin Australia VA 1669 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 14:45
Air New Zealand NZ 7667 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 14:45
Etihad Airways EY 6430 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 14:45
Singapore Airlines SQ 6514 Moranbah (MOV) Scheduled 14:45
JetGo Australia JG* 64 Tamworth (TMW) Scheduled 14:45
Virgin Australia VA 613 Mackay (MKY) Scheduled 14:50
Etihad Airways EY 6543 Mackay (MKY) Scheduled 14:50
Singapore Airlines SQ 6490 Mackay (MKY) Scheduled 14:50
Air New Zealand NZ 7544 Mackay (MKY) Scheduled 14:50
Jetstar JQ 817 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:55
Virgin Australia VA 334 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 14:55
Etihad Airways EY 6530 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 14:55
Air New Zealand NZ 7572 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 14:55
Singapore Airlines SQ 6888 Melbourne (MEL) Scheduled 14:55
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