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Wednesday 25 May 2016
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Brisbane Airport
Welcome to our unofficial airport guide where you will find everything you need for a stress free journey.

Brisbane Airport Arrivals

Getting to know about an airport’s arrivals is not that hard but it is definitely the most important piece of information that passengers or their relatives waiting at the airport for their arrival, should have in order to avoid confusion. Imagine, if your flight gets delayed because of the bad weather, it might take off late or makes and emergency landing. Either way, the receiving end should know the exact time of flights arrival or they would waste innumerable time waiting and may get worried about your whereabouts. Brisbane airport Australia has taken good care of letting their customers know exact timings of the arrivals and keeps them updated every second in case of a delay in flight. Before leaving for airport the receivers can check out the airports official website for the timings of arrivals. At the website under the flights information section there is a tab for arrivals, separate for both international and domestic. The page that opens will display information about all the arriving flights of present day. These flight entries are updated regularly but the ‘every minute update’ does not apply to the information given on the website.

It is useful as long you are sure that the flight is arriving on the excat time but if there is a last minute delay or anything like such, suspected then it is advised to call the front desk of the airport or helpline to confirm the arriving time. The call operator staff is more than honored and very patient in dealing with customers. Another great productivity of new technology is that you can actually get mobile notifications or updates as messages about your flight timings so that whenever your flight is delayed you have ample amount of time at hand to inform your relatives at the receiving end.

Airliner Flight Origin Status Sched.
Qantas QF 7417 Rockhampton (ROK) Scheduled 21:10
Qantas QF 1554 Canberra (CBR) En Route 21:15
Emirates EK 5962 Canberra (CBR) En Route 21:15
Qantas QF 634 Melbourne (MEL) En Route 21:20
Emirates EK 5634 Melbourne (MEL) En Route 21:20
Virgin Australia VA 1405 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 21:25
Etihad Airways EY 6600 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 21:25
Air New Zealand NZ 7406 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 21:25
Singapore Airlines SQ 6925 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 21:25
Virgin Australia VA 989 Sydney (SYD) En Route 21:30
Air Berlin AB 5460 Sydney (SYD) En Route 21:30
Etihad Airways EY 6812 Sydney (SYD) En Route 21:30
Air New Zealand NZ 7823 Sydney (SYD) En Route 21:30
Singapore Airlines SQ 6414 Sydney (SYD) En Route 21:30
Qantas QF 977 Townsville (TSV) En Route 21:40
Emirates EK 5977 Townsville (TSV) En Route 21:40
Virgin Australia VA 790 Cairns (CNS) En Route 22:05
Etihad Airways EY 6441 Cairns (CNS) En Route 22:05
Air New Zealand NZ 7656 Cairns (CNS) En Route 22:05
Singapore Airlines SQ 6455 Cairns (CNS) En Route 22:05
Virgin Australia VA 353 Melbourne (MEL) En Route (Delayed) 22:10
Air Berlin AB 5426 Melbourne (MEL) En Route (Delayed) 22:10
Etihad Airways EY 6660 Melbourne (MEL) En Route (Delayed) 22:10
Air New Zealand NZ 7694 Melbourne (MEL) En Route (Delayed) 22:10
Singapore Airlines SQ 6909 Melbourne (MEL) En Route (Delayed) 22:10
Cathay Pacific CX 157 Hong Kong (HKG) En Route 22:15
JAL JL 7907 Hong Kong (HKG) En Route 22:15
Qantas QF 636 Melbourne (MEL) En Route 22:20
Emirates EK 5636 Melbourne (MEL) En Route 22:20
Emirates EK 432 Dubai (DXB) En Route 22:30
Qantas QF 8432 Dubai (DXB) En Route 22:30
Virgin Australia VA 161 Auckland (AKL) En Route 22:50
Etihad Airways EY 6625 Auckland (AKL) En Route 22:50
Air New Zealand NZ 7900 Auckland (AKL) En Route 22:50
Singapore Airlines SQ 6353 Auckland (AKL) En Route 22:50
Qantas QF 556 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 23:15
Emirates EK 5556 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 23:15
LAN Airlines LA 8941 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 23:15
Jetstar JQ 907 Townsville (TSV) Scheduled 23:25
Qantas QF 5907 Townsville (TSV) Scheduled 23:25
Virgin Australia VA 44 Denpasar (DPS) En Route (Delayed) 23:35
Virgin Australia VA 471 Perth (PER) En Route 23:40
Air Berlin AB 5469 Perth (PER) En Route 23:40
Etihad Airways EY 6522 Perth (PER) En Route 23:40
Air New Zealand NZ 7038 Perth (PER) En Route 23:40
South African Airways SA 7262 Perth (PER) En Route 23:40
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